CS PhD student interested in safe deployment of ML based systems as it relates to Privacy/Security, Interpretability (or lack thereof), Fairness, & Robustness.

I am a PhD student in Computer Science interested in machine learning + (Privacy/Security, Fairness, & Robustness). I am motivated by the need to ensure that ML based systems demonstrate safe behavior when deployed.

To see work that I’ve done, check out the projects and publications page. Find my CV at juliusadebayo.com/cv.

Beyond machine learning, I am a proud West African. I think that region of the world is home to beautiful people, culture, music, and lifestyle. It is my hope one day to travel across all of those countries. Despite what her perceived stereotype might be, West Africa is quite welcoming.

I love jazz; here is a fantastic playlist if you are looking for something to relax to. I also enjoy soccer, climbing, and running from time to time.


You can reach me here: [email protected]. Happy for any positive or negative feedback through this anonymous form. Feel free to connect via:

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